8:00 AM

…at 8 am we gather in worship to sing praise our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Our traditional service follows the Lutheran liturgy, which includes the reading of scripture, prayer, the speaking of a creed, call-and-response, a sermon, offering, communion, and hymns accompanied by an organ and often a choir and hand bells.

11:00 AM

…at 11:00 am engage in a blended experience of traditional and modern worship. Scripture readings responsive prayers, declaration of faith, and the Lord’s Supper are all part of this service.  The music style of music is modern worship – led by a worship team composed of modern instrumentalists and vocalists of various ages.


As you walk in the door, our greeters will welcome you, and our ushers will hand you a bulletin with all the information about that day’s service.


Come dressed in whatever way makes you comfortable, be it jeans and a T-shirt, a suit and tie or a nice dress, or anything in between.


There are no steps at our main entrance, nor are there any leading into the sanctuary. There are some spaces at the front of our sanctuary for wheelchairs.


Children are welcome in worship and we have a staffed nursery. Our lobby is great place to care for a little one while still listening to the service.


As the Lord’s Supper is sacred, we offer it to anyone – guest or regular – who has been baptized and confesses Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


We collect tithes and offerings each service. This is for our members; as a guest, please do not feel obligated to contribute anything.

Connect Cards

There are Connect Cards on the seat backs in front of you. If you are willing, please let us know who you are and place the card the offering plate later in the service.


If you have any questions before, during, or after the service, feel free to ask any of our ushers.